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About Piura

If you want to enjoy the northern flavors of Peru, learn about its history, admire its nature and enjoy turquoise beaches, where you can practice water sports and adventure tourism, then Piura is the SMART destination you have been looking for. Piura is the capital of the Piura region, located in northwestern Peru, in the valley of the Piura River and near the border with Ecuador. Piura is one of the country's fishing regions, where mining and oil production are carried out. It is the fifth most populated city in Peru and is located 981 km north of Lima.

About the airport

The Capitan FAP Guillermo Concha Ibérico International Airport is located 2 km east of the city of Piura, in the Catilla district. It has good public transportation connections, such as bus, cabs, car rental and private transport services. It also has WiFi, restaurants, cafes, stores where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

What to do Piura?

In Piura visitors can tour the city and see its colonial buildings, such as the Admiral Miguel Grau's House/Museum, the Cathedral Basilica located in front of the Plaza de Armas. Visit the beautiful town of Catacaos, which is known for its handicrafts and art. The Narihuala Archaeological Center is another option to enjoy.If you prefer to connect with nature, take a boat ride on the Piura River or visit the beautiful beaches that are just a few hours from downtown, such as Mancora, Yacila, Lobitos -a favorite destination for surfers-, Cabo Blanco, Vichayito and Punta Veleros, where it is possible to see whales, swim with turtles, practice water sports or enjoy the seafood and fish that make Punta Veleros a gastronomic destination where cebiches freshly prepared at the fishermen’s cove are among the main dishes to try.

When to go? Piura?

Known as "the city of eternal summer heat", due to its year-round tropical climate. Visitors can go at any time of the year and enjoy its beaches and tours. In Piura, the average annual temperature is 24ºC (75°F) and in the summer it can reach over 35ºC (95°F). Bear in mind that March is a rainy month.

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