Flights from Concepción to Arica

Flights from Arica to Concepción

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About Arica

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Located south of the border with Peru, it is the gateway to Northern Chile. Arica and Parinacota are the perfect places for those who want to get out of the cold south, here you will find the highest temperatures in our country. Its landscapes mix Coast, Desert and Altiplano with a rich ancient culture and a variety of activities throughout the day and night.

About the airport

Chacalluta International Airport is one of the most modern airports in our country, it was renovated for the 200 anniversary and serves both national and international destinations for its proximity to Peru and Bolivia. Its connections to southern Chile include Iquique and Santiago. It is 15 minutes from the city and you can take taxis, colectivos (shared taxis) or private cars. More information at:

What to do Arica?

If you love water sports, in Arica you can surf and bodyboard in very warm waters. You can also see the Great Morro de Arica, the most important iconical national monument in the region. Visit its parks and National Reserves that rescue an ancient culture full of colors, typical music and a fusion gastronomy. If you go with your partner you can't miss a romantic walk at sunset. 

When to go? Arica?

"The City of Eternal Spring" is waiting for you.
Arica has a warm climate, perfect almost 365 days a year, so there is no excuse not to travel with JetSMART and enjoy the beautiful beaches that the region offers at any time. In the middle of summer you will see the famous Andean Carnival Fuerza del Sol, a magical festivity of dance and folkloric music typical of the region. In spring, people enjoy the Fiesta de la Virgen de Las Peñas which finishes in the Sanctuary Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Las Peñas, in the upper part of the Azapa Valley.

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