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About Mendoza

Fly to Mendoza at ULTRA LOW prices with JetSMART. One of the most important wine capitals in the world is located to the west of Argentina at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Summer is warm and very humid, unlike winter which is dry and very cold. It was founded in a semi-arid zone and its main rivers descend directly from the summit of the Andes.

About the airport

The International Airport of Mendoza el Plumerillo is located about 11 km from downtown Mendoza. It has a passenger capacity of 12.800km2 and is one of the most important airports in the country. It currently has no buses that enter directly but they are located outside the building.  It has WIFI, VIP areas and meeting rooms, among others.

What to do Mendoza?

If you love adventure tourism and history you are going to love Mendoza. You can enjoy hiking through the Aconcagua Provincial Park located in the department of Las Heras. The landscapes are breathtaking and include glaciers, lakes, thaw rivers and archeological sites. The Inca Bridge is a rocky formation over a river forming a natural bridge. In addition, thermal waters flow in the place where a hotel, now abandoned, was located.

When to go? Mendoza?

Mendoza has a dry climate, warm and humid summers with sudden storms. The winters are colder and drier, ideal for those who love low temperatures. You can enjoy white, beautiful landscapes with snow-covered mountains. If you want to enjoy good wines, come and visit during the summer and celebrate the harvest.

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