Discover Bogotá

About Bogotá

Fly to Bogotá at ULTRA LOW prices with JetSMART. The Colombian capital is, undoubtedly, the commercial, industrial and cultural focus of the country; there, there are endless activities to enjoy. Being the third highest capital of South America, it has very distinctive characteristics: it is a city surrounded by mountains and crossed by clouds full of humid, hot and tropical rain in two seasons of the year.  This means that the greys and browns of the architecture of the city center contrast with the colorful murals hidden in its streets, as well as with the nature that surrounds the city and paints the landscape with its green tones

About airport

El Dorado Airport is located about 15 kilometers from the city center and can be reached by private car or taxi.  It is one of the airports with the highest volume of passengers in Latin America, so its infrastructure is committed to inclusion, accessibility and strategies for reducing environmental impact. If you are in the terminals, the airport has food and shopping services, as well as satellite buses for transfers, thus allowing a better connectivity.

What to do? Bogotá?

Going up Monserrate hill is a must if you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Going up in the funicular or cable car is a good alternative to enjoy the trip to the top. On the other hand, the center is full of stories to discover. First of all, visit La Candelaria, make a stop to try Colombian gastronomy, walk along the seventh street turned into a pedestrian path full of music and art or take a free tour that reveals the secrets of the city. Bogota is also a good starting point for you to get to see the cultural and landscape richness that is waiting for you in Colombia.

When to go Bogotá?

The city is located in an area of intertropical confluence, so its weather is marked by humid rains at two times of the year, between March-May and September-November. However, this is no limitation to enjoy the many activities offered by this cosmopolitan city.

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