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About Cali

Located in Valle del Cauca, Cali is a city surrounded by mountains endowed with tropical vegetation that give life to the Farallones de Cali National Natural Park. This park is not only one of the most beautiful in Colombia, but it is also the birthplace of at least 30 rivers, so it is endowed with a unique flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the city was founded in 1536, so it is within the category of the oldest in America and this is reflected in the colonial buildings and narrow streets that you will find in the picturesque sector of San Antonio.

About airport

Cali Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport is located between the municipalities of Palmira and Cali, about 14 kilometers from downtown Cali. It has two terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights. To get here, you can find different means of transportation: bus, cab, car rental and other private services.

What to do? Cali?

The first thing to do in the "capital of salsa" is, without a doubt, to explore the nightlife and take dance classes or visit one of the many salsa clubs you can find in the city. Along the same lines, you should not miss the colonial -and bohemian- sector of San Antonio, a stroll through the modern neighborhood of Granada and a general walk through the streets of Cali; where you can take a picture of the classic sculpture of El Gato del Rio, visit the La Tertulia Museum or enjoy the Cali gastronomy that can be found in every corner. On the other hand, getting away from the city and visiting the Farallones de Cali National Natural Park is one of the most recommended outdoor activities.

When to go Cali?

All times of the year are recommended to visit Cali. Temperatures remain more or less stable between 25-30 ºC, and crossed -at times- by the typical tropical rains that do not ask you more than a bit of shelter to not get completely wet. Therefore, this city is full of life from January to December; cultural and sports activities, typical gastronomy, long walks, among others.

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