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About Copiapó

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Known as the Oasis where the desert blooms, the famous Copiapo Valley is the most visited destination in the south of the city and is known for its green vines, along with Caldera and Tierra Amarilla, Laguna Verde and Ojos del Salado Volcano. The landscape is amazing thanks to its white land, its imposing desertic hills and green and extensive valleys.

About airport

The Desierto de Atacama Airport is located 50 km away from Copiapo, a city in the Atacama Region, 20 kms away from Caldera and the seaside town Bahia Inglesa. It is the first airport in the whole Region of Atacama.
Outside you will find transport services that will take you to nearby cities such as: Copiapo, Caldera, Chañaral, Diego de Almagro, Salvador, Vallenar, Huasco.

What to do? Copiapó?

If you want to feel as if you were in the Caribbean, Bahia Inglesa is a destination you can not miss in Copiapo, is one of the most touristic seaside cities in the country, with turquoise waters, warm and white sand, a real oasis in the middle of the desert. Other beaches you should visit are Pan de Azucar, the flowered desert and Laguna Verde which offer a lot of landscapes and activities you can' t miss on a real SMART trip.

When to go Copiapó?

Fly with JetSMART to Copiapo and enjoy a pleasant climate all year round. Being one of the most arid and desertic sectors of the world you can enjoy its warm beaches at any time, so it is certainly ideal for a weekend getaway or for your holidays. If you want to witness one of the most impressive attractions of this destination, you must see the desert bloom, a rare and unique phenomenon that occurs between the months of August and November depending on annual weather conditions, a unique spectacle in the world that you should not miss.

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