Discover Ushuaia

About Ushuaia

Travel to Ushuaia flying at ULTRA LOW prices with JetSMART. This port city is the capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, bounded to the north by the white mountain range of Martial and to the south by the Beagle Channel - connection point between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Today, “the city of the end of the world” is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Patagonia due to its double character; On the one hand there are all the excursions that can be made in the beautiful southern landscape and, on the other, its past as a naval base and prison center permeate it with a very particular history.

About airport

Located 4 km from the city of Ushuaia, it has excellent connectivity. Taxis, remises and private vehicles can make use of parking lots. In addition to the boarding rooms –which have heating system–, there is also a VIP room, restaurant, bar and different commercial stores that will make the wait or arrival at this airport very pleasant. On the other hand, the site is prepared to receive tourists from all over the world, as it has signage in Spanish and English and exchange house for those traveling with another currency.

What to do? Ushuaia?

Explore the surroundings of Ushuaia by mountain bike, ice skating on the municipal track, skiing on Cerro El Castor - known worldwide for the high quality of its snow - canoeing in the vicinity of the Martial Glacier or navigate the lonely canals and fjords of Tierra del Fuego, are just some of the alternatives for adventurers. For those looking for something more calm, we recommend hiking through the Tierra del Fuego National Park, 70,000 hectares of Patagonian Forests just 10 km from the city, as well as touring the surroundings in the historic Train of the End of the World that reveals the prison life that led Ushuaia for many years.

When to go Ushuaia?

The experience will be very different depending on the time of the year; the weather, the light and the landscape contrast. In summer or spring the sun not only heats up more, but it will also be there for more hours during the day, allowing you to appreciate more closely the unspoiled nature of the area. So much so, that in December you can enjoy a sunset beyond 10 pm. Meanwhile, the winter season is considered as the high season, so the ski centers and sports activities are activated. In addition, on June 21 Ushuaia is lit to celebrate the traditional National Festival of the longest Night in the world.

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