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About Valdivia

Fly to Valdivia at ULTRA LOW prices with JetSMART.  La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South), is one of the most important cities in the South of Chile at the Region de los Rios (The Rivers district). Famous for its tourist attractions and its important internal architecture with old castles, stone fortresses as well as natural reserves and ancient forests of native trees such as alerces and olivillos. It is also known as the Beer Capital of Chile.

About airport

Pichoy Airport, located in San Jose de Mariquina, 32 kilometers from Valdivia. From there you can get a shuttle or a private taxi to get you to the city centre. From Santiago to Valdivia the duration of the flisht is 01:45 min approximately. More information at:

What to do? Valdivia?

Valdivia, the beer city. If you are a fan of craft beer and tartar, in this destination you will find the most important typical festivals around this drink in our country. Undoubtedly one of the SMART activites not to be missed along with navigating its rivers. Calle Calle River is located amidst the Valdivian jungle, one of the 34 places of greatest biodiversity on our planet. There are also historical areas that are evidence of German colonization.

When to go Valdivia?

Valdivia will always be a great destination to go all year round. Temperatures reach 9°C in winter and around 17°C in summer. However, in order to live a SMART experience and thus enjoy the best views the city has to offer, we recommend going during the summer months (December to February), as most of the city's festivals take place then, including the Bierfest Kunstmann, Valdivia Week, and the Fairs of Niebla and Corral.

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